Worship With Us

Worship Time

11:00 AM


2920 S M 37 Hwy
Hastings, MI 49058


(269) 945-4995

Our church family welcomes you! We are a friendly bunch of folks who enjoy being together and increasing the size of our group. You are welcome here. Our worship services are blended, combining the elements of the traditional church – a choir, traditional hymns, and observance of the Christian Year, with the musical style of the Praise Band. We believe Church should be inter-generational. Our style and theology are thoroughly Wesleyan.

At its core, the United Methodist Church embraces the concept of open hearts, open minds, and open doors. We believe in a loving, empowering God who offers grace and forgiveness to all. Our faith is grounded in Scripture, but we also value tradition, reason, and personal experience as important ways God communicates with us. We cherish the sacraments of baptism and communion, viewing them as sacred rites that bind us to Christ and each other. Committed to both personal spirituality and social justice, we strive to act out Christ’s love in the world by promoting peace, equality, and care for the planet. Everyone is welcome in our community as we journey together in faith, hope, and love.